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HELM Pharma Webinar

Webinar API risk management: Hope is not a strategy
September 08 at 1 PM (CET)

Stay on track and prepare your moves. Get the best directions from some of the most experienced professionals in the API market. One of our clients will share his experiences and insights on the next HELM PHARMA webinar.

Globalization and the pressure to look for more cost-effective means of supply have significantly increased the complexity of the supply chain, which makes it more difficult to identify and understand the exposure to risk. To survive in an increasingly uncertain world, companies must manage their risks constantly and ensure that they are properly prepared for the worst-case scenarios. This can help organizations navigate through these increased complexities and safeguard the API against the risks to which it is exposed.

Interview topics

  • Why it is critical to manage and optimize your supply chain
  • How to use a risk analysis to determine if a contingency plan is needed
  • How to prioritize risks
  • Bring flexibility to your supply chain


Luís Amorim, Senior Strategic API Sourcing Manager

Luis has a large experience in sourcing and procurement. He started his career as a process chemist in a CMO, but soon moved to the purchasing department, where he was put in charge of strategic sourcing. Over about 10 years, he gained a solid understanding of the risks and challenges involved in sourcing. More recently, he moved to the pharmaceutical side of the business, where he is currently responsible for strategic sourcing and outsourcing.

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