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Quality Management

Active Quality Management is at the core of HELM’s company policies. At HELM we realize that only through continuous improvement will we be able to continue to meet the demands of our dynamic global market.

In October 1992, HELM AG was one of the first chemicals trading companies to obtain DQS certification for the entire Group. We are currently certified to ISO 9001:2015.

A specialized team of technicians and scientists continually ensures the optimization of all processes, assuring adherence to our Quality Management policies through daily work processes as well as through supplier, customer and logistics-operator audits.

At HELM we develop new formulations in our own laboratories and in collaboration with external partners, in order to be able to offer our customers more efficient products, whilst fulfilling all regulatory, environmental and security requirements.

The HELM Portugal Quality Policy reflects HELM AG’s Quality Policy, and it is the foundation of all our actions:

  • Supplier qualification: we know the products we are buying. At HELM Portugal we work with well-reputed suppliers and undertake their qualification, evaluation and selection.
  • Awareness of our customers and business partners’ requirements: we know what our customers and business partners expect from us. HELM Portugal identifies its customers’ and business partners’ requirements (whether they have specified these or not), statutory requirements, and the specifically applicable requirements of the HELM Group.
  • Fulfilment of our customers’ and business partners’ needs and expectations: we give our customers and business partners what they expect from us, and work hard to ensure their satisfaction. HELM Portugal works to fulfil its customers’ and business partners’ requirements,  identifying these through different sources of information, with their continuous satisfaction in mind.
  • Continuous improvement: should an issue arise, we identify and analyse the causes in order to prevent it from recurring (‘continuous improvement’ approach). At HELM Portugal our goal is the continuous optimisation and improvement of our business processes, and ensuring the efficiency of our Quality Management System.