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Promoting diversity

Monica Beltran, an experienced businesswoman with a Peruvian passport, joined HELM Portugal in 2017 after choosing Portugal over the Netherlands, where she was previously living.

One of the HELM Leadership Principles is the promotion of diversity, since we believe that we need a workforce as diverse as the global markets we serve every day.

HELM Portugal therefore embraces the principle not only by supporting gender equality but also by actively recruiting international candidates with different backgrounds.

Monica joined the Commercial team at HELM Portugal, motivated by the challenge of dealing with a variety of customers and growing the business in territories that were not part of HELM’s strategy.

The advantage of joining a small team is the entrepreneurial freedom to implement and perform a variety of tasks within the corporate environment of a bigger group – a key element in Monica´s decision to join the team. 

“At HELM Portugal I have been able to expand my knowledge of European customers quickly, learn the challenges facing MENA customers, launch products and coordinate projects together with colleagues at other HELM affiliates as well as with our headquarters HELM AG. All this has added valuable experience to knowledge of in-licensing for Latin American markets. Besides the growing number of nationalities in our office, diversity has meant a journey of accepting, respecting and constantly learning from each other."

Monica is thankful for having joined a very welcoming team, which has helped her tremendously in overcoming the challenge of learning Portuguese and navigating the culture.

As Account Manager for Finished Products at HELM Portugal she is responsible for maintaining close contact and reinforcing relationships with long-standing customers, as well as developing new bonds with the growing customer base. 

Diversity, in the form of the broad customer and market base, is now an integral part of her everyday working life.

“The open-plan office at HELM Portugal is the most intensive Portuguese-listening training I could have asked for!”