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Isabel Viana joined HELM Portugal in September 2017.

Coming from the biggest national pharmaceutical company and with a background in consulting, Isabel decided to join HELM Portugal because she believed it was time to expand her horizons. 

HELM has given her the opportunity to work with international regulatory procedures and with partners and authorities from countries all over the world.

“I’m happy I took this step! HELM Portugal has given me the opportunity to learn how to deal with a wide variety of procedure types. By working in a global context, I have acquired the skillset to manage and adapt my working style constantly”, she confirms.

“What’s more, the team keeps growing and I feel we are building a stronger group every day.”

However, what really motivates Isabel at HELM Portugal are the extracurricular opportunities that the company provides her for self-development.

“As I put it, HELM Portugal is a small company with big and innovative ideas. I’m very proud to be part of this team and to help to build a successful future for HELM Portugal!”